Bodhi Namaste in Forest

Be the Witness!

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Be mindful. Be here and now. Be the Witness. Be that love and compassion that You are. Mindfulness is to be here and now, not in some past memories or future worries. Mindfulness is to do one thing at a time with loving attention enjoying the doing as if it is done through you and as a non-doer you are …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariBe the Witness!

Hurt Feelings Don’t Leave Until We Leave Them

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One of the major obstacles in life is not related to the external situations; it is the unconscious mind’s natural tendency to cling to the PAST. The past is dead and gone, but it is breathed life by resurrecting it, by bringing back the memories. By chewing on it. As long as the memories are sweet, it is good, but …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariHurt Feelings Don’t Leave Until We Leave Them