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CIM(Course in Mindfulness) explores the three pillars of Mindfulness : Meditation, Stress Reduction & Mind Power . It is to bring the attention back to NOW and HERE to be most dynamic in performance, yet passive at the core within.

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Loved by Organizations across Continents
It’s always a delight to help people unleash their Power of Mind
“From Top Corporate houses to individuals, everyone has realized the importance of Mindfulness”

This program should be made mandatory for all corporates especially at recruitment stage
Shri. B.P. Singh,
former Managing Director, IDBI Bank

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Mindfulness opens the door to the subconscious mind and helps reprogram it to see the most positive things manifest in life

Mindfulness for Academic
Excellence (MAE)

Mindfulness could contribute very positively toward an education system that honors the need for original thinking, holistic vision, creative illumination, and character building, which are like the rocks on which would stand the edifice of a successful and aspiring youth of the modern world.

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Conscious Parenting (CP)

Mindful Conscious parenting is considered to be the most accepted art of parenting around the globe. CIM addresses the root causes of the anomalies of parent-child-relationships and empowers both to overcome the blocks and attain growth with harmonious balance

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Mindfulness for Corporate
Excellence (MCE)

Targets corporate leadership to enhance organization efficacy, stress reduction, creativity, increased Integrity levels, mindful leadership, work life balance, conflict management, team building

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Making Your Mind Your Best Friend is a wonderful manual on the art of living. It teaches us how to develop the most important relationship in our life - friendship with our own mind. In our pursuit of success, freedom and happiness, we seek outside help when we face huge hurdles. We forget to seek the advice and company of our very best friend. In our darkest moments, we can feel alone. We spend so much time reading books, attending workshops, going to universities to learn. Yet, we don't go to the most learned teacher, the one who is always available - our mind. In this book 'Baba' teaches us how to tap the greatest resource in our life, how to use the greatest gift we all have - our mind...... click here to read more

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To be mindful is to be united with the Cosmic Mind which is only reality while mind is a myth!.

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Mindfulness is Soulfulness, it is the skill to accept life as it is, not as we expect it to be!