Mindfulness For Academic Excellence-MAE

“Mindfulness for Academic Excellence” has become the need of the hour for all youths today

What are the 2 BIGGEST CHALLENGES facing Youth today?

  • Combating stress, the power to win and how to handle failures in life.
  • Moral artistry, how to be “cool” while making moral and ethical decisions.



Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa speaks about mindfulness:

  • “Mind Power is essentially the strong belief that “I can do it!” If we think that we can do something, we will be able to do it. The history of mankind shows that those who won had the strong belief, power of mind, and perseverance to realize their long-term goals of life.
  • Mindfulness gives us that vision, that ability to develop a special power to see positive possibilities in the midst of pain and negativity. That is the process of empowerment.”
  • Bodhi expands on these questions in his mind blowing way in his Mindfulness for Academic Excellence and Simple Art of Managing Stress Programs. In an hour-long class period his course is so transformative that students walk out with renewed self confidence and the feeling that “Yes, I can!”
  • If there is one way to describe Bodhi it is “cool!” And he helps students to set their moral compasses straight in his relaxed, humorous and engaging style!
  • The course encourages direct interaction between Bodhi and the students, and also include an experiential 90 seconds of pause, and short Meditation to demonstrate the power of mindfulness.

Students are literally blown away and here are some of the responses we got:

“For me this was the most powerful part of our time spent together – never has 90 seconds of pause felt so long and benefitted me as much.”

“I have not had mindfulness explained to me before in a way that makes so much sense.”


Our Mindfulness for Academic Excellence (MAE) Program stands primarily on the three key practices of Meditation, Stress Reduction and Mind Power. These three practices help the students awaken their latent potential and achieve personal and academic success while keeping in view the importance of making positive contributions to the environment and welfare of humanity.


Mindful Students:

  • Experience a change in their behavioral and attitudinal patterns, enabling them to function with the higher skills of Positive Mind Power.
  • Find their inner compasses by learning to pause, ponder, and be non-judgmentally aware of the situations of life, thereby intuitively reaching the right decisions.
  • Handle the stress response by generating alertness and self-awareness to experientially master the skill of handling failures along with successes in life.
  • Learn the practice of simple pranayama or chi practices, accessing abundant energy at the physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional levels, thereby having decreased nervousness or stress when faced with roadblocks or deadlines.
  • Attract suitable life companions, friends and relationships that keep a student anchored to a very positive life attitude, to more easily touch the peaks of success.

After taking the course:

  • Students will cope with stress with less effort and will focus on the present without being distracted by the past and the anxieties of the future.
  • Students will find it easy to appreciate the infinite gifts that life offers and be filled with gratitude to parents, teachers, society and the universal forces, and will give back to society with love and compassion.
  • Students will be kinder and more responsive, rather than angry and reactive, which is a direct boon to the wellness of humanity at large.
  • Students will be able to overcome excessive dependence on technology and feel more empowered to be socially responsive, using technology but not being used by it.
  • Students will feel more confident and focused on long-term goals rather than the short-term excesses, thereby optimizing their life energy for a higher purpose and performance to excel in every sphere of human life, contributing to peace and harmony of the world.


Global research on mindfulness proves its efficacy in the academic world:

  • Studies on the success of mindfulness training on students In the US support the ancient Vedic practices of Meditation and Pranayama.
  • Several studies with college students suggest that the practice of mindfulness leads to decreased stress and anxiety, improvements in concentration and attention, and increases in self-awareness and overall emotional balance that contribute to their overall well-being.
  • A few minutes a day of mindfulness improves student self-control, increases classroom participation, respect for others, happiness, optimism, self-acceptance levels, and reduced absenteeism.

Academic excellence is directly related to student self-efficacy and the ability to cope with high stress related to higher levels of performance:

  • The success or excellence of an educational institution or university and the success or excellence of its students are correlated and interdependent. Mindful students have higher levels of self-efficacy and also greater ability to handle stress relating to study and peer pressures, have high self-worth and have a passion and perseverance to achieve their goals.
  • MAE helps them immensely to realize the infinite power that lies dormant in the subconscious layers of mind and also the magical power of breath.
  • Their mind will be very calm and focused and they will be more equipped with natural power of combating stress related issues of student life.

Students are often directionless and look deeply for pure guidance and direction so that they can thrive in life:


In a technology-driven, sometimes virtual world, students are apt to lose contact with real life situations. Children are from the micro families with less exposure to attachment and love from the elderly ones and proper role models in every walk of life. MAE Program helps him/her to interact with Shuddhaanandaa, who comes from an academic background and years of practice in mindfulness and meditation, to help set his/her compass right.

Simple realities and essence of the miracle that is mindfulness:

  • Offers supports to enhance self-confidence and discipline.
  • Streamlines the natural flow of the mind’s power.
  • Helps to strategize career moves with focus on social commitments.
  • Helps develop a strong character and self-will with a heart to empathize and grow into a compassionate human being.


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