Mindfulness for Corporate Excellence

“Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa’s course in mindfulness content will help staff perfectly manage stress. I am very satisfied and felt the presentation was very appropriate.”  Kiran Gadi, Country Head of Arris, Bangalore, India

On behalf of the Cotton On Group I would like to thank you for taking the time to come out and provide our GM’s and Executives with an extraordinary insight into “Mindfulness’ and providing us with an understanding of how to focus effectively on tasks and priorities, developing self management habits  that become essential to hight pressure roles within our industry, leading to a work-life balance that boosts creativity and productivity at work within a healthy and culturally sound workplace for all.

I am confident that we will start to see results and can see that we have all benefitted from you visit. As a result, by putting our pratises into place simply by being in the present more, we will be more resilient as leaders and mentors.

It is very kind of your to travel from India to Australia to share your thoughts, ideas and wisdom on how to achieve all of this and we thank you for sharing this with us. We believe this was “just what the doctor ordered” for our GM’s and Executives.

The hall are still ringing with the positive comments several weeks later. You shared good ideas – but more that that, you shared yourself.” Peter Johnson, CEO Cotton on Group, Australia

“I have received feedback from many employees who truly experienced a level of calm and peace as they participated in the simple, yet effective, breathing and stretching exercises you shared.” Nancy Geraghty, VP General Affairs, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Atlanta, GA USA

“Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa has a strong, yet comforting presence and is an amazingly engaging presenter who clearly lives by the principles and practices that he imparts to his audience.” Michael Baker, Assistant Manager, Village of Downers Grove, IL USA

“Simple Art of Managing Stress should be made mandatory for all City employees.” Employee, City of Naperville, IL USA

It was obvious that the participants wanted the session to last longer.” Linda Portrum, Human Resources, Stryker Instruments, Kalamazoo, MI USA

 “[It] brought a different perspective to my life. I am de-stressing myself, enjoying every little nuance of life.” Bob Ghosh, CEO, MethodoLogic, Atlanta, GA USA

 “I learned that it’s all my perceptions which make me like/dislike a person…it has nothing to do with him/her!” Gopesh Sharma, TCS, Lucknow

“Life has truly become more meaningful now, I am practicing mindfulness little by little in every small thing that I do. I am able to connect many dots now. Many of my quests are suddenly seeing the light of answer. I am truly grateful to you.” Monalisa Sarkar TCS, Lucknow

“I was enlightened to be part of the program and I got a lot of clarity on how to approach daily business and personal challenges.” Shri Vilas Tanavade Ex Territory Trainer, Pepsico

“The program was an excellent stress management program and rolled out very effectively.” Shri Sreekant Krishnamurthy Manager HRD, TCS

“It was an unimaginable journey that my mind has gone through today.” Shri Dinesh Malhotra Head, LC Media

 “Must attend for people from all walks of life.”Ms Saraswati Manager HRD, IDBI Bank

 “The program was very good, encouraging as well as thoughtful. Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa was very knowledgeable and simple.” Ms Sangeetha Nakhawa Manager, IDBI Bank

 “Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa filled my mind with positive attitude and gratitude.” Shri Chetan Patil Manager, IDBI Bank

 “The program is a must for all individuals and corporates.” Shri Kirti Anurag, Music Director


Mindfulness for Academic Excellence


“I would like to thank you on behalf of the Engineering & Computing Faculty at Coventry University for kindly visiting us and presenting at the recent seminar of 24th July, 2015. Your talk on “Meditation and Mindfulness” was well attended from all Departments within the faculty and wider University, and we received very good feedback from those in the audience.

It was a privilege for the Coventry University Community to hear your thought provoking lecture. We fully recognise that we would not receive such positive feedback from seminar participants without the excellent presentations and heartfelt discussions you provided.

Thank you for taking time our of your busy schedule to share your experiences and we hope to see you again on future events.”  Raymond Farmer, Deputy Dean, Coventry University, UK.

Thank you very much for your kind voice and vibrant spirit that guided us. Many students and their parents commented that they wanted to know more about meditation, yoga, and other disciplines that connect us with the inner self and the beautiful sensation of wholeness and being one with the universe. I am also very grateful of the receptiveness of the auditorium, so that meditation is no longer an exotic practice for much of them, but a way to understand our whole potential of creativity, compassion and love towards other beings.” Mr. Jesús Héctor Betancourt Del Castillo Dir. of Cultural Affairs, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico

“Having never been exposed to Mindfulness or Meditation I was unsure of what to expect. I found the speaker Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa to be very welcoming, humble, encouraging, and warm. He seemed honored to be with the students and faculty of GVSU and was so open to sharing his time and talent with us, leading us in a time of focus. For me this was the most powerful part of our time spent together – never has 90 seconds of pause felt so long and benefitted me as much.” Nicole Brower, student, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA

 “Your presentation, Mindfulness for Personal and Academic Well-Being, was extremely well received. The comments we received after your presentation were universally positive and reflected that your talk really had an impact on those who attended. Some of my favorite comments were related to your positivity and your warmth, the importance of keeping a calm mind and being, and the ability to be grateful and loving toward the universe. One comment that stood out to me was “I have not had mindfulness explained to me before in a way that makes so much sense.” Many mentioned a renewed commitment to daily meditation.” Robert A McGrath PsyD, ABPP, Coordinator, Mind/Body Wellness Services, University of Wisconsin, USA

“Attendees of Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa’s workshop responded instinctively to his joyful buoyancy, attentiveness and warmth. He is so clear when giving guidance to newcomers. He explained the practice of Mindfulness in simple, easy to understand terms: both your to become aware of the breath and why such a simple practice can lead to dramatic improvements in one’s quality of life. What’s more, Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa embodies his message. His face shines. Radiant and approachable, he communicates directly to the hearts and minds of his audience.” William Conover, Director Spiritual Life Program, Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin USA


Mindfulness for Positive Parenting

“It was an incredible morning. Being in the presence of such as transformational person is both inspiring and food for the body, mind and spirit. I am particularly happy that my children got to meet him as well. It was a very special day!” Jordan Friedman, Family Focus, Northbrook, IL USA

“It was a very educative and interesting program.” Mrs Smita Pandey

“It was an enlightening session and I was very privileged to hear such an eminent person.” Cdr Vishwas Pandey

“Bodhi Shuddhaananda’s talk has penetrated into the heart and will stay there. Will make me introspect my thoughts every possible moment.” Mr. Ramarao

 “With the awareness of being myself, I will definitely be a better human being and parent.” Mrs Anupama Mishra

I am a schoolteacher and after attending this training I am sure this is going to change the way I have been dealing with students and my children.” Ms Nisha Dutt

“The best thing I have learnt today is that no one should or could be blamed for things happening to them….I hope to implement all that I have learned.” Ms Neha Gandhi

“Thank you Bodhi, it was very enlightening to attend such a wonderful program”. Mrs Roopal Joshi

“My life will definitely change if I can implement what has been said today.” Dr. Alka Phalod, Dental Surgeon

‘Thanks to the organizers for adding spirituality and psychology to parenting, very unique program, a must attend.’ Ms Neetu Jain