Success is possible once the change happens inside of us. It is thus the change in the inner that transforms the life that is outside of us. Life always flows from INSIDE OUT.

Never give up! That is the biggest mantra for success. Success that comes easily does not stay!

Success or failure, each has its importance in its own time space dimension.

We are lovers of success but freedom from success is the biggest success!


First accept the present. Those who deny the present and look for the better future are losing both.

Thoughts create the world for us, let us not be caught in the web of the negative brooding and then expect the best!

Let us never forget that none of us can be truly happy without making others happy.

It is easy to do but most difficult to not do!! Just be!



Never lose your focus of the core purpose of life; there is no way to know it other than through your own experience.

The history of mankind shows that those who won had the strong belief, power of mind, and perseverance to realize their long-term goals of life.

Don’t be so serious about all the goals you have set for your life. Do you think you will be happy if you achieve your goals? The elusive goal of happiness will only shift and lure you to a bigger goal. Just put your best effort forward and then go with the flow of life.


You are one and only in this universe, unparalleled, don’t compare, live your own life and be happy!

Look for every opportunity to respond and not react to external situations and upgrade your own self esteem. First look good to yourself.

In order to have a strong character you need to enhance your will power. A strong willed person can face any challenge.

Why waste your energy on what has not been achieved? Trust in your positive powers and lift yourself up.

Don’t look for quick fix, that is a trick of your ego, solutions of a permanent nature come out of your intuition and wisdom.

Mind Power is essentially the strong belief that “I can do it!” If you think that you can do something, you will be able to do it.



Make sure you first do your own mindful practices diligently, with love and joy! Then you will not need to use words with your children, but you will teach them by your example.

Yes, you need to be actively involved in guiding your child toward a safer and better path in life, but the whole process of guidance should be in the spirit of friendship and not control and expectations.


You need to provide for your children in the material sense, but your most precious gift is your time and patience to allow them to grow on their own, and learn their own lessons.

Sometimes the most compassionate thing to do is to stand silently by and give your love through your prayers and meditation, trusting the Universe will take care of them at the right time.