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What are the MOST COMMON CONCERNS parents have with their children today?

“I get so frustrated with my child, when I ask him to do something he does the opposite!”

“My child won’t talk to me or share what is going on in her life.”

“I never seem to have time for myself anymore, or time to spend with my kids!”

Here is a snapshot of Bodhi Shuddhaanadaa’s 4 Keys of Mindful, Positive Parenting as presented in MPP:

  • Attachment: Through Mindful practices, parents can induce that positive vive in their children so that their first anchor remains their parents. Then even when the child grows and starts to have their own opinions, the parents have already established this bond and the child is not threatened, and does not so much need to approval of his peers.
  • Friendship: Parents should be actively involved in guiding their children toward a safer and better path of life. But the whole process of guidance should be in the spirit of friendship and not one of control and expectation.
  • Trust: When you are mindful you learn to wait for the right time, at the right place, to open your heart to share what you think would be in the best interest of your child. You say what needs to be said with the trust that your child will see the light of your sharing as if it is coming from a source without command and expectation of control.
  • Take care of yourself first: You are here to hold your children’s hand through all of life, including its tumultuous times. Your child will experience changes, lessons and suffering in the course of his or her life. You cannot prevent it. You can prepare your child for life when you set an example by living a life grounded in mindful living. The key is to take care of yourself first and as you tend to the life of your spirit you will be less reactive to your children’s behavioral patterns. Working from the plane of your own uplifted sprit, you and your children will thrive.


Our Mindfulness for Positive Parenting (MPP) Program stands primarily on the three key practices of Meditation, Stress Reduction and Mind Power. These three practices help parents awaken their latent potential and achieve personal and parenting success, becoming parents with Presence who face the challenge of nurturing the seed of infinite possibilities in their children without causing stress to themselves or to their children.

Mindful Parents:

Develop intuitive faculties for right parenting decisions at the right time.
Show inner calmness essential for a stress-free life.
Have increased energy to cope with struggle between parenting and personal time.
Experience increased Mind Power and Self-confidence for successful parenting.
Benefit from improved child and family relations.

After taking the course:

You will grow in mindfulness and life will flow moment to moment with least stress!

You will appreciate mindfulness as a daily priority!

You will be able to do your multi-tasking with more attention and focus, adding more relaxed and quality time with your children!

You will have abundance of energy and focus to handle challenges both with parenting and in your work or personal life!


  • Research shows mindful parenting involves open and unbiased attention directed toward the child, and the parent–child interaction, and thereby may improve parenting and child development.
  • Studies show meditation helps to bring more calmness into the busy or chaotic lives of parents, which may facilitate planning and organization and bring calm and order to family life.
  • Parents taught to take a “breathing space” (i.e., to attend to their own breathing) before responding to difficult child behaviors that may trigger impulsive reactions, show reduced parental reactivity and more responsiveness in other studies.
  • Mindfulness teaches parents to not focus on their children, but essentially on their own inner life.

Until the parent is calm and centered, until they awaken the power of the Spirit within them, not much will change for them or for children, for the tree bears fruits only in a congenial atmosphere and with healthy roots.

Mindful parenting is the need of the hour, not age-old, power-assertive parenting.

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Times have changed and it is not true the children are different now. What children experience at home in a micro-family is different from what we experienced in an extended joint-family.

Mindfulness inspires parenting with no preconceptions or conditions, where there is little controlling.

Parents are taught to be more actively involved in guiding the children toward a safer and better path of life. But the whole process of guidance needs to be in the spirit of friendship and not one of control and expectation.

Targeted Audience Parents
Presenter Bodhi
Length Of Program 60 Minute Intro 3 Hour Workshop
Venues Auditorium To be decided through consultation

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