Mindfulness For Academic Excellence:Youth Program:FAQ

1. What is the optimum number of students that you expect for the
MAE Seminar or Workshop?

The most ideal number is about 30 students. The presenter finds it most effective to work with a small number in order to give personal instruction for some hands-on practices, and for the Q&A session, which is a very important component of the Course.

2. What is the Course fee?

Please contact us to discuss our fee structure.

3. How long is the training program?

The workshops are usually three hours. But a two-hour workshop can also be arranged if the institution requests this option.

4. What kind of meditation you are suggesting for the younger generation who are  often caught up with too much to do!!

The guided meditation offered by the presenter Bodhi is a simple technique of meditation that any young student can practice and instantly feel a sense of inner calm and mental clarity. The training program has various facets in which simple tips are given to enhance the power of concentration and the excellence of mindfulness.

5. Does Mindfulness help us to cope with examination anxieties and stress from job interviews?

Those who have taken this course believe that they are able to cope with stress more effortlessly and focus on the present without being distracted by the past and future anxieties. Students learn mindful breathing and relaxation that enhances their self-confidence, helping them to excel both in their examinations and job interviews.

6. Can Mindfulness help the younger generation to have stable

Yes, Mindfulness creates a very positive inner environment to attract the right life-companions and friends and relationships. This keeps the youth anchored to a very positive attitude to life, thereby helping them touch the peaks of success with less effort.

7. We have less time for everything these days so how do you expect us appreciate your training and its practical application in our daily lives?

It has been our experience that once a student experiences the simplicity of the art of mindful meditation they will make a life long commitment to practice it. Using the breathing techniques and relaxation, along with meditation, they sense such a shift in their clarity and performance that they want to sustain it. They feel more confident and focused on their long-
term goals, rather than the short-term excesses, thereby optimizing their life energy for a higher purpose and performance to excel in every sphere of human life, contributing to peace and harmony of the world.

8. Do you organise refresher courses from time to time, or it is one time course and then is all over?

CIM would be happy to arrange a refresher course at a convenient time for the institution and presenter.

9.How do we stay in touch with the trainer or the academy?

We are open to your questions and queries for follow-ups so that you stay focused with the practice. We share our email ID and you are welcome to write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aritra MukherjeeMindfulness For Academic Excellence:Youth Program:FAQ