FAQ-Mindfulness For Corporate Excellence

1. What benefit do I derive from taking this Course in Mindfulness?

Mindful leaders become charismatic, disciplined and empathetic,
making mindful decisions that add value to corporate growth and individual employee success.

Mindful employees make timely, good decisions, develop inner calmness, increased energy, and enhanced positive mind power and self-confidence for greater productivity and positive contributions to the corporate whole.

The course is focused to create awareness through mindfulness training on the important aspect of bridging the work-life imbalances. A relaxed, harmonious personal or family life always creates the ground for happiness and better performance, both at work and at home.

2. How long does the course (workshop) last?

The course times varies from a two-hour snapshot course to a 5 hour
full-day workshop.

3. Is it an in-house program?

The snapshot course is an in-house program, the 5-hour workshop
may be held in-house or at a retreat center.

4. If the corporation or organization does not have a conference room or a hall for the training, then who takes the responsibility to find asuitable venue for the training?

CIM facilitators will assist in finding a suitable venue.

5. What is the most comfortable number required for each workshop?

CIM works best with about 20-30 employees at a time, allowing
room for practicing the yogic stretches, and a Q&A session.

6.For the yoga, stretching, pranayama and meditation practice session, do you expect the participants to come in loose clothes and is there any dress code?

We recommend loose clothing and a casual dress code, but that is
not compulsory. One can come in any dress that is comfortable.

7. Does Mindfulness Meditation have anything to do with any
Buddhist or Hindu religious bias?

No, this is open to one and all irrespective of their beliefs and
faiths. The foundation of the training is to create the power of
attention and reconnect to the infinite potential of Mind-body-
spirit connection.

8. If I have never practiced meditation, can I still learn it?

CIM focuses on meditation practice during the session, and it has
been our experience that even the first timers feel a deep relaxation and connection to the source within. Bodhi does a guided meditation to help participants learn how easy it is.

9.During the interactive sessions do you expect participants to openly discuss their personal problem?

No one is required to discuss anything of a personal nature. Examples of situations that we all face are used to generate

10.How soon can I see some positive results from the practice of this training program?

Although it takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit, participants will
notice a change in their energy level and clarity of mind during the actual session.

The session is highly inspirational and motivational as it is presented by one who has been practicing for last 45 years. We trust that you will be deeply motivated to practice the exercise breathing techniques and meditation, and your practice will bring the results in no time!!

11. Other than job related stress, if any participant has personal, family, relationship, or health issues, can that be addressed?

Depending upon time and corporate policy, individuals may have the
opportunity for a few words with Bodhi afterwards. The
course addresses situations that are applicable to family and health issues.

12. What is the course fee for each session?

Fee information can be obtained upon request.

13. Can an individual corporate employee take this course?

Yes, we conduct general sessions for different corporate employees
and if we have your phone and e-mail address, we would contact you
when such workshops are held closer to where you work or reside.

Aritra MukherjeeFAQ-Mindfulness For Corporate Excellence