FAQ-Mindfulness For Positive Parenting

1. Do we get hands on training as to how we can calm ourselves
and relate to our kids?

Yes, in MPP parents are taught not to focus on their children,
but essentially on their own inner life, until they are calm and
centered, until they awaken the power of the Spirit within them. Parents learn to be actively involved in guiding the
children toward a safer and better path of life. But the whole
process of guidance should be in the spirit of friendship and
not one of control and expectation.

2. We know our problems, we have lots of information on YouTube and the net; what more are we going to learn in this course? What is the extra benefit?

The workshop is conducted by Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa, whose presence and practical teachings would instantly connect with the participants. He has travelled extensively since 1990 all over the world, practicing and teaching mindfulness inspiring thousands of parents to learn this simple art of addressing problems from the inside out! His presence makes all the difference.

3. What is the course fee for each parent?

Fee information is available upon request. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.

4. How long does the workshop last?

The workshop is two-tiered. There is a 1-hour intro course and a 3-hour workshop.

5. Can we bring our kids to the workshop, or is it open only for
the parents?

When we have exclusive training for the parents, then of course it is open to the parents only, but if we have sessions where we wish to have both the parents and a few children, then that is separately worked out between our academy and the institution hosting the workshop.

6. Is there any dress code for the workshop?

Casual clothes are encouraged so that participants can perform the yogic stretches and breathing practice.

7. What is the minimum number of participants needed to conduct one workshop?

We feel 30 is a comfortable number to focus on each of the participants and also take questions during Q&A sessions.

Of course additional numbers can be negotiated between the academy and institution

8. Can we invite a presenter and trainer to our community
and organize such a workshop?

Absolutely! Please see our contact information so that you can
send us an e-mail today!

9. What is the medium of communication during the workshop in India?

The workshop is presented in English. But where the participants speak Hindi, Bodhi would talk in Hindi and English mixed.

10. What is the unique take-away from the program?

Children should feel a deep attachment to parents and have a
fearless relationship. The workshop is to learn simple techniques
by which parents are more centered and mindful about the child’s needs, rather than what they feel is their need. The whole
attitudinal perception about the parent-child relationship would
be transformed, based on modern psychology, neuro-plasticity and
spiritual awakening.

Aritra MukherjeeFAQ-Mindfulness For Positive Parenting