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10 Stress Reduction Techniques for Working Professionals:


In between your busy routine of work and home just stop, pause, unplug from the external and plug into your inner inexhaustible source with these ten simple, mindful practices.

1. Just STOP

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     2.  Stretch

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 3.  Relax

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Whenever you can, just sit with your back straight. The tip of your nose and your navel should be aligned. Suggest relaxation to your body starting from the top of your head. Touch every muscle in your face, neck, shoulders, hands, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees, calf, ankles, toes, and the soles of your feet with your mind. Let every cell of your body receive attention, and just drop everything else out of your mind.


     4.  Watch your breath

Now that your body is relaxed, focus your mind on your nostrils; take a few slow and deep breaths trying consciously to make each one longer and deeper. Allow the abdomen to inflate as you breathe in, and deflate as you breathe out. This fills your body with cosmic energy.

     5.  Let go 

Take a deep breath and exhale. Relax and release all that you are holding on to into the space of letting go. Just smile. See for yourself, how easy it is to let go your agitation, confusion and restlessness.

6.  Just be

Sit quietly, doing nothing. It is easy to do but most difficult to    not do!! As the inner silence dawns the real world opens up.

7.  Allow your mind to pause

Try not to control your mind, but only observe it. This observation creates the miracle that you are longing to see. The mind calms down the moment you start to just observe it.

This observer element is very powerful, for it is engineered by the power of consciousness. The light of consciousness does the miracle of calming the mind. This is mindfulness at its best.

8.   Be grateful

Mindfulness creates a deep sense of gratitude, an attitude, which fills you with an inner calm and golden aura of peace. A happy person is always grateful for every little thing of life.

9.   Feel your universal connection

You feel a deep connection to your inner peace and happiness when you allow the universe to breathe in you, through you, beyond you!

10.   Re-establish balance in your life

Doing these simple practices on a daily basis create the right balance in the physical-mental-emotional and spiritual levels of your being so you can truly enjoy the beauty of life.

~~ Shuddhaanandaa~~

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