Be Alone but Not Lonely

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How Mindfulness Meditation can reduce loneliness:

Aloneness is awareness, a great boon indeed! You are not expected to do things to please the other, you are just with yourself, what a blessings!! Just imagine, if you are called to fulfil the wishes of others your life is spent mostly working for the others. Of course when you don’t receive a simple reciprocation you naturally feel frustrated. You have done so much, but gotten no recognition. Whereas when ​the higher intelligence​ creates the moments for you to be with yourself, none else, just you and the Whole Universe, just you and ​your Higher Self , now you can sing ​or dance to your own rhythm and rhyme. Your efforts then are not to attract false appreciation but your natural bonds with the Divine reintegration.

Those who complain about their being lonely because they don’t have a partner at home, someone to talk to, are forgetting that this is a golden opportunity for discovering one’s own self. If you are alone, that is a great time, you with You!! It is fun.

This is the most lovely time that God has created for you, to be with Him, exclusively, to converse with Him, to meditate upon the gift that your body is. This is the time to focus on the heart centre and slowly and gradually witness the touch of Divine light kissing the bud of lotus and the nature’s miracle of unfoldment of the petals and the blossoming of the flower of awakening.

If you are not alone you can never ever know who you are. You will always be lost in the crowd. You will always be focused to fish for compliments and as long as they come your way you will be presuming that you are a happy person. But the unreal never stays, so this phase will pass away and then you will droop into the space of your LONELINESS. That is just a state of your not knowing your inner inexhaustible reservoir, the mine of diamonds.

Yes, don’t feel lonely, just shift your mind from the lower to the Higher within you and you will see that this is the golden time of your life, when you will be able to fulfill the promise you made to God when you came to this planet earth and were born a human child, to realise Who You Are?

Enjoy being alone, and forget the mind’s conspiracy of loneliness.

You have come into this world alone, you will have to go back alone. Just enjoy this journey with everyone who comes your way but when you are alone just rejoice that this is my exclusive time with my Higher Self.

Hence, Be alone but don’t be lonely. ​Just be awake to your Higher Mind, the luminous, the pristine self within you.

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariBe Alone but Not Lonely