Do You Live Your Life through Another’s Eyes?

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Most people spend their lives impressing others, or even go into depression because of others. Are we here to live our life through the eyes of others? This is a kind of slavery. Meditation gives our birthright back, to live consciously and conscientiously. It helps us see our self with unbiased clarity so that we realize that true happiness comes out of our ability to live life with freedom, in our own right, and not depend on anything or anyone for happiness and peace of mind.

We need to be in charge of our own self without handing over the switch of happiness to someone else. It is the practice of lovingly befriending one’s own mind without any suppression or repression of our emotions. It is to allow the birthing of a new consciousness that unites and celebrates life.

Let us live our lives, not someone else’s life. It is only when one loses the passion for life that one becomes vulnerable to negativity. Accept every negative situation with a mantra inside “nothing is permanent, impermanence is the way of this world, all is well, this too shall pass”. So why be serious? Let’s let the passion of our lives lead us moment to moment toward our coveted goal. Nothing should stop us. Today’s passion takes us one step higher tomorrow to the world of compassion for others, Mother Earth and ourselves!



Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariDo You Live Your Life through Another’s Eyes?