How to Be Simply Happy!

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We all want to be happy. We all want to be peaceful. The question is how to be happy and how to be peaceful? The answer is ‘it is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple’.

The small little things of our daily life are more important than the major events. For their accumulation create the stumbles and blocks in the realization of the truth nature of our being, which is happiness and peace.

One simple thing of our daily life is to wake up with the perception of the infinite blessings of the Universe, and that we have one more day of the opportunities to open up as the day unfolds its mysteries. This recognition sets the mood for the moments to roll on as we would journey through the time and space dimension.

Situations will arise to see whether we are living in the moment consciously or we are sleeping in a state of unconsciousness. If we are awake, then we will not hurt anyone but heal everyone. When we hurt others, through our deeds, action or words, we put a seed of a cause for future misery to manifest as eventual effect. Everything in the universe is bound by the law of cause and effect. So, we all need to be awake and conscious only to respect this law for the sake of our own happiness and peace.

Whatever we give, it comes back to us. Let us fill others with positive vibrations of happiness and peace. Let us consciously put seeds of happiness by serving the needs of others, at times, more than our own needs, for in the fulfillment of others needs is the seed of our happiness and joy.

Wish we help each other, heal each other and enrich each other.


Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariHow to Be Simply Happy!