Bodhi meditating in front of Victoria Falls

The Silent Language of Peace

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari Meditation, MIndfulness Leave a Comment

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We have been practicing restlessness and fueling negative emotions since we were children. Now, as adults, we are like a boat without GPS. We do not know our destination, and hence our destiny toys with us. At times we wonder, “What am I doing, and why am I doing what I am doing?”

Who will give us the answer? A true answer is never in words. It is in wordless silence. But silence is unnatural to us! It makes us feel lonely and unwanted. The irony is, we do not know what we want. But what we are seeking in life is peace, which is the silent state of our most eloquent spirit. We mustn’t waste life in a vain search for peace. It is not out there. Seek and we shall find it within the Silence of our heart!

To feel the silence of our inner being, we need to pause in the midst of our busy schedules. We take a day, half-day, a few hours, or a few moments to be closest to our inner self, to be in silence. We turn off all communication devices and just “be” in the house, in the room, in the space of our contemplative willingness. Just “being,” letting go and moving within. Only the present moment of silence is the birthplace of infinite possibilities and joy of life! Here we learn to watch our mind and thoughts for they are the architects of our life, and the author of our destiny!

When there is silence inside, there is profound peace in the world outside.

As we take a deep breath, we let our eyelids quietly close, feeling our whole body as a vibration of light, moving within, and going to the silent zone of our heart. Just being there. That is our true abode of peace.

The wordless word, and soundless sound of the soul can be heard in the silence of the mind. Fish in the shallow water create a lot of ripples on the surface. Fish in deep water glide without any noise. So also do those earnest seekers who don’t beat their drums about their borrowed spiritual knowledge. They don’t argue to score a point. Instead they move deeper within to first experience the reality. Spiritual treasures grow in secrecy and silence. At times the golden silence is more powerful than all the written or spoken words!

Yes, at times we need to just not say what we want to say. Unpleasant truths are not always palatable! Instead we look within to find a better source of solution, the language of silence. Yes, once we are silent, then the Universe whispers the course that would bring peace. There are times when we need to be less judgmental and more responsive on grounds of compassion, only to give our soul the peace it longs for.

Peace is a state of our inner silence. Whatever may be the external situations and circumstances, if we practice this simple ritual of sitting quietly with our eyes closed just watching our breaths, we begin to celebrate the peace inside of us. We carry it forward to every small act of our day. This is the way to peace! In this meditation we touch our inner core and all of a sudden, silence descends. This silence is musical, for it fills every cell of our body with infinite peace, which is the music of the spheres.



Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariThe Silent Language of Peace