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Mindfulness – The Key to Love and Peace

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We have always been dependent, dependent on something or the other to be happy in life. This has led us all to be obsessive, compulsive and clinging to externals. But like our ego-driven mind and its thoughts, the externals are in a flux of change. Like a river, we can’t step into the same river again! So, we cling to that which is changing all the time. This clinging and possessiveness is causing so much turmoil within us! Our efforts then are directed toward some kind of control and ownership.

This is the part of the mind that is conditioned and ego-driven. There is another part of the mind, anchored in the silence within, flowers of wisdom blossom there.

Through practice of relaxation, pranayama, and yoga, this conscientious (vivek) mind evolves and guides us from within. Our dependence on others diminishes. We gradually move to our own garden where we feel happy and in peace; meditation happens there.

It is a place of quiet, there is no noise of mind’s chatter and stress, no past digging of sad memories, or future apprehension and fear. We are just with our Self.

Close your eyes, feel your presence, and allow the doors of your heart to open to the Light that is within you.

Close your eyes, feel the quiet, resolve to be happy come what may, and move on, for life indeed is a pilgrimage to Love and Peace.


Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMindfulness – The Key to Love and Peace