Mindfulness Meditation Creates Emotional Resilience

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari Life Improvement, Meditation, MIndfulness, Stress Reduction Leave a Comment

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I have always seen that one’s pain always comes from the ones you love the most. Why it is so? Simply because it is not the other person who causes you pain. It is your deep attachment which is the cause of the pain. If the person to whom you are not attached to causes you pain, you can overcome it without much efforts. Most often you brush it off.  But you can‘t do that as easily when it happens with one whom you love and trust and invest your emotions in.

The world is plagued with self-inflicted injuries. We became successful managers at work but we missed the basic reality. We remained poor managers of our own minds and our own life. This mismanagement has caused tremendous loss of values of human life in this planet. Bring mindfulness and meditation back to your life and walk the path of self-management to rise above anger, fear, pain and conflicts.

Mindfulness meditation grants you emotional resilience to overcome this stress, which is most common in daily life. Detachment comes out of clarity in thinking and calmness of mind. This again comes through your practice of just sitting doing nothing, just effortlessly observing your breath and mind’s thought.

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMindfulness Meditation Creates Emotional Resilience