Meditation Is Observation, Mindfulness, Awareness

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First remove the myth from your mind that meditation is concentration, focus, and silence. Meditation is your resolve to sit and watch your monkey mind in action, non-judgmentally, watching and accepting the mind as it is and not as you expect it to be. Eventually, your monkey mind will transform itself in the light of your awareness into Buddha-mind. Meditation …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMeditation Is Observation, Mindfulness, Awareness

Hurt Feelings Don’t Leave Until We Leave Them

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One of the major obstacles in life is not related to the external situations; it is the unconscious mind’s natural tendency to cling to the PAST. The past is dead and gone, but it is breathed life by resurrecting it, by bringing back the memories. By chewing on it. As long as the memories are sweet, it is good, but …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariHurt Feelings Don’t Leave Until We Leave Them

Mindfulness Meditation Creates Emotional Resilience

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I have always seen that one’s pain always comes from the ones you love the most. Why it is so? Simply because it is not the other person who causes you pain. It is your deep attachment which is the cause of the pain. If the person to whom you are not attached to causes you pain, you can overcome …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMindfulness Meditation Creates Emotional Resilience
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Mindfulness – The Key to Love and Peace

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We have always been dependent, dependent on something or the other to be happy in life. This has led us all to be obsessive, compulsive and clinging to externals. But like our ego-driven mind and its thoughts, the externals are in a flux of change. Like a river, we can’t step into the same river again! So, we cling to …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMindfulness – The Key to Love and Peace

Be Alone but Not Lonely

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  How Mindfulness Meditation can reduce loneliness: Aloneness is awareness, a great boon indeed! You are not expected to do things to please the other, you are just with yourself, what a blessings!! Just imagine, if you are called to fulfil the wishes of others your life is spent mostly working for the others. Of course when you don’t receive …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariBe Alone but Not Lonely


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10 Stress Reduction Techniques for Working Professionals:   In between your busy routine of work and home just stop, pause, unplug from the external and plug into your inner inexhaustible source with these ten simple, mindful practices. 1. Just STOP      2.  Stretch  3.  Relax Whenever you can, just sit with your back straight. The tip of your nose …

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Mindful Inner Conversations

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Our inner conversation is very important. Most people in this world suffer by being unconscious of the fact that it is not so much what people from the outside do to damage us but what damage we do to ourselves by affirming the negative possibilities and apprehensions, which mostly are proven wrong. We always expect things to happen the way …

Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariMindful Inner Conversations


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How can you avoid stress in life? Just impossible! Even if you want to, no body would give you the chance to be truly peaceful. It is like a virus most active in the air, both within and without. I have heard even Lata Mangeshkar, after attaining the status of living legend in India who has Guinness record of highest …